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  Posted by: admin(管理员) Date: 2013-11-5 Hits: 1352
Aluminum Aluminum powder coating several advantages

Powder painting there following several significant advantages:

1 process is simpler, thanks mostly to major equipment automatically improving precision in the production process, on some major technical parameters can already achieve microcomputer control, effectively reducing the difficulty of processing operations, while aid has been substantially reduced;

2 high yield, under normal circumstances, if the appropriate measures and that allows for maximum control of nonconforming product;

3 energy consumption significantly reduced, normal anodized, electrophoresis coating production process, water and electricity consumption is considerable, especially in the oxidation process.Between the rectifier output current up to 8000~11000A, the voltage between the 15~17.5V, the heat coupled with the machine itself, needs to be constantly circulating water for cooling, and tons of power often at around 1000 degrees, as well as ancillary facilities can also reduce power consumption reduction;

4 reduced levels of pollution in the water, atmospheric, caustic soda, sulfuric acid and other liquid solvents are no longer in use, reducing water and air pollution, and also effectively improve the aluminum profiles with the PVC as environmentally-friendly products ' competitiveness, and accordingly reduced the production cost;

5 the labor intensity of workers is significantly lower, due to the use of automated assembly line operation, feeding methods and fixtures used there has been a marked simplification, improved production efficiency, reduce the labor intensity;

6 pairs of woolen surface quality requirements standards has significantly reduced, powder coated and can completely cover the profile surface of extrusion lines, hide part of aluminum profile surface defects, improve the surface quality of aluminum profile production;

7 some of the physical indicators compared with other membranes coated membrane surface treatment has markedly improved, such as hardness, wear resistance, resistance to acid, which can effectively extend the service life of aluminum profiles.

Powder coating is used in powder coating, using electrostatic spraying on the craft, using airbrush effects of friction in speeding up under the influence of the wind, so carry a positive charge of powder particle spray gun body, contact with the negatively charged material to produce electrostatic adsorption, and cured at high temperature.Enhanced adsorption strength of coatings to prevent paint fall off.

From the process itself, with a high technology content to mix different colors of paint, decorative effects to produce different colors and more in line with needs of interior decoration, as well as with aluminum profile applied to the Interior of the building industry development trend of.In particular spraying material used in conjunction with heat insulation break bridge, make it more and more fashionable, tidal current, powder coated profiles are a larger space for development, also produce profiles can not be replaced by other ways.

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