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  Posted by: admin(管理员) Date: 2013-11-5 Hits: 1067
How to reduce bending for aluminum scrap

Extruded aluminum profiles for people who know, profiles in case of bending scrap is not worth it, is not supposed to happen, more could have been avoided!So, how to reduce or avoid scrap from bending too!Squeeze straightening: straightening is the profile bending caused very serious link, straightens it is important to note that straightens the strength of forces too large could transform, heal, the profile such as orange peel, force too small will produce a profile adjustable straight, bend.

Extruded frame: this aspect is also very important, after you saw the exact length, is going to be framed, the fashion box industries need to be aware of: this material is aniseed or small sheets, is with tube flat die out materials?In General, aniseed and lift both ends of the tube frame is not easy to bend, but small and flat die out materials, lift both ends it is easier to bend when it should be drawn from both ends toward the middle frame.But some sections, even if this does not help, such as shutters, Windows, capping, limitation of such materials must be placed in the profile, then back to the box.Outdoor surface treatment: stock limitation, hardness scratch or bent profiles will not be so easy to change, but also to keep in mind when last ends when lifting materials to avoid strong fluctuations up and down, caused strong fluctuations would have on the aging profile of a certain bent.


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