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LJZ2-500x5000A effects for alu
Technical features: Minimum cutting length 200mm (long edge is not more than 45 degrees ..
LJZ2-450x2500 aluminum heavy d
Features: Mainly used for aluminum frame for high accuracy, high efficiency aluminum cut..
LXD6-300B aluminum fixed high-
Features: Strengthening the Club's only once forming Fixed workbenches, allow the ..
LJZ2-CNC-500x5000A double-head
1、用途与工作原理 用于铝门窗、幕墙及其他工业铝型材的切割下料。由电主轴带动锯片高速旋转..
ZJ-120H aluminum door and wind
1、用途与工作原理 用于铝门窗、隔热铝门窗的组角; 通过冲压工艺,使型材变形。靠变形力实现..
LJZ2-450x3600 aluminum high ef
工艺特点 适用于铝合金、PVC等轻质合金的切割(下料)加工; 用于铝型材45度切割; 专用进..
一、工艺特点 (1)适用于铝合金、PVC等轻质金属的钻、铣加工; (2)CNC控制,三轴联动及X,..
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