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LXD6-300B aluminum fixed high-


Strengthening the Club's only once forming

Fixed workbenches, allow the material to be processed to maintain position, so:

--Avoid profiles vibrations, high processing precision

--Put the material feeding, improving productivity

--Reducing the Club to sweep the area, security is good

Increased job and work schedule, processing multiple profiles

Multiple cutters, adjustable, processing multiple profiles without having to replace the cutter

According to the different profile faces, can be processed simultaneously achieve the multi-cutter can also single pass processing

Installable formed milling cutters, machining special material

Motor reset to prevent water damage motor

Plate guide device to prevent deflection profile

Includes profile limited Board, effectively preventing profile mismatch

Technical parameters

 Power supply Three-phase four-wire380V 50Hz 
 Input power  5.5Kw
 The air pressure  0.5-0.8Mpa
 Cutter diameter  200-300mm
Cutter shaft diameter  32mm
 Number of blades  6片
 Number of milling  6-8支


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