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LJZ2-500x5000A effects for alu

Technical features:

Minimum cutting length 200mm (long edge is not more than 45 degrees 350mm), provide a guarantee for short processing (traditional length machine 560mm, requires a two-cut: angles, length misalignment, inefficient)

Maximum cutting length up to 500mm, large sash molding

Configure a dedicated device, cutting two profiles at once

Fixed processing of 45 degrees, accurate precision, in line with the international trend of specialized processing

Italy original spindle, smooth cutting surface, low noise

Germany dedicated original cemented carbide saw blade and stainless stripper pole, high durability

By vapor-liquid converter to adjust the cutting speed, feed a smooth, low failure rate

Main technical parameter:

 Three-phase power supply 380V 
 The air pressure  0.5-0.8Mpa
Input power  2.2kw
 Spindle speed  2800r/min
 Saw blade diameter  500mm
 Maximum cutting length  5000mm
 Min width of cut profiles  200mm



PRE: LJZ2-450x2500 aluminum heavy d
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